Farlin Steam Sterilizer – (Top-216)

৳ 6,534.00

Product Summary & Specification


• Can sterilize 6 bottles in one time, tiet identical for 6 minutes with 90ml water only.

• Reheat function milk and baby food.

• Incubate function bottle and food warmer.

• Sterilizer effectiveness lasts for 3 hours.

• Phthalate Free, PVC Free.

• Sterilizers made of polypropylene, does not contain BPA, according to European standards.

• Mechanism sterilized by steam at high temperature helps clean kill harmful bacteria without the use of any chemical agents.

• Central microprocessor with intelligent computer connected to the display help track time

  remaining sterile, bring the safety, convenience and efficiency.

• Products manufactured under the Green Saver technology environmentally friendly, energy saving.

Title: Farlin Steam Sterilizer
Brand: Farlin
Material Polypropylene(PP)
Country of Origin Taiwan
Maximum Capacity 6 Bottle
Material free BPA Free
Dimensions 32 cm*14 cm*23 cm
Product Code Top-216
Product Weight 1.5 kg


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