Neocare Soft Fabric Baby Friendly Baby Wipes (120pcs)

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  • Ultra soft fabric
  • Biggest and most thin wipes among any other brands
  • Balanced pH
  • Free from harmful chemicals like- Alcohol, Paraben and Silicone
  • Natural skin protector like Aloe Vera and Chamomile extract is added
  • Dispense 1 wipe at a time
  • Microbiologically tested
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Product Description:

Your NeoCare Organizer for Important Documents

The NeoCare Baby Wipes – crafted with precision and care by NeoCare, a brand dedicated to the gentle care and well-being of your little ones. These baby wipes, made from soft and gentle cotton material, are a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality essentials for babies. Weighing 400 grams, this pack of 80 pieces of wipes is designed for infants and toddlers aged 0 to 24 months, catering to the needs of all skin types and ensuring a gentle touch for both boys and girls.

Premium Cotton Material

NeoCare Baby Wipes are delicately crafted from premium cotton material, ensuring a soft and tender touch on your baby’s delicate skin. Each wipe is designed to provide gentle cleansing without compromising on quality, making it the ideal choice for your little one’s daily hygiene routine.

Thoughtful Product Weight and Quantity

Weighing 400 grams and comprising 80 pieces per pack, these wipes strike the perfect balance between practicality and quantity. The ample number of wipes ensures you have an abundant supply at hand while the convenient weight allows for easy portability, making them a reliable companion for daily outings or at-home use.

Gentle and Safe for All Skin Types

NeoCare Baby Wipes are formulated to suit all skin types, ensuring a gentle and nurturing touch for your baby’s sensitive skin. The alcohol-free composition of these wipes safeguards against irritation, maintaining the natural moisture and softness of your little one’s skin.

Versatile Use for Cleaning

Designed primarily for cleaning purposes, these NeoCare baby Wipes 120 pcs wipes are a versatile solution for various cleaning needs. Whether it’s diaper changes, gentle cleansing after meals, or tidying up, NeoCare Baby Wipes offer convenience and efficacy in maintaining cleanliness and freshness.

Bangladeshi Quality Assurance

Hailing from Bangladesh, NeoCare takes pride in its commitment to high-quality baby care essentials. Each NeoCare Baby Wipe is a product of meticulous craftsmanship, reflecting the brand’s dedication to providing superior quality products for infants and toddlers.

Soft Cotton Material

Crafted from premium cotton, these wipes offer a soft and gentle touch for your baby’s delicate skin. With 80 wipes in a 400-gram pack, these wipes strike a balance between quantity and portability, ideal for both home and travel use. NeoCare Baby Wipes cater to all skin types, ensuring a gentle and nurturing cleansing experience without alcohol, making them safe for delicate skin.

Versatile Cleaning Solution

Perfect for various cleaning tasks, these wipes offer convenience and effectiveness in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene for your baby. NeoCare’s commitment to providing superior baby NeoCare Wipes baby friendly care essentials ensures that each wipe meets stringent quality standards, reflecting the brand’s dedication to excellence.

Standard NeoCare baby Wipes price in BD

The NeoCare baby Wipes refill price in Bangladesh at and the products combine style. NeoCare Baby Wipes epitomize quality, comfort, and gentle care for your baby’s skin. From their soft cotton composition to their versatile use and commitment to safety, these wipes stand as a reliable choice for parents seeking the best for their little ones’ hygiene needs.


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